Toronto GTA Fast-Flor Premium Garage Floor Tile – $3.49 per sq.ft!

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5 November 2017
( 492 days ago )

The Fast-Flor Diamond Tile System is a premium interlocking plastic floor garage tile! The beautifully textured 12″ x 12″ tiles snap together and you will be amazed at how quickly an awesome looking floor can be assembled. No messy glues, cements or epoxies to deal with and the best part is you can do it yourself and save!! An entire garage floor can be covered easily in one day – compare that to a 5-day epoxy job!

The Fast-Flor Diamond Tile system is a “Professional-Grade” product – unlike many cheap tiles found on the internet today. Since interlocking plastic tiles are not waterproof, we have incorporated tiny drainage “slots” so water and moisture can drain through. Water and moisture will drain out on to the driveway, provided you have a slope in the garage floor. Dirt and debris can be washed away with a regular garden hose or power washer. The majority of the tiles in the market do not allow for water and moisture drainage. This is a must for a garage floor system since trapped water can cause all sorts of problems.

Fast-Flor Diamond tiles have clever “flex grooves” built right into the tile to allow the tile to flex and conform to irregular floor surfaces. The “flex grooves” look like the grooves found in a ceramic tile grout system! It’s in this groove you’ll find the tiny drainage slots!

Choose from black, white, red, gray, blue, yellow and taupe. Custom colors available upon request. Free shipping on orders for 600 pcs or more! (Canada and Continental US). For orders under 600 pcs please send me your zip/postal code for a shipping estimate.Please indicate colors when ordering.We are a “brick and mortar” operation with full showroom and stocked warehouse so please visit us if you’re in the area!

Fast-Flor Benefits:
Looks great – beautifies your existing floorsCovers and hides unsightly stains and cracks
Clean and dry – water, slush, dirt and debris drain through so floor stays dry
Surface is very comfortable to work and stand onRaised “mini-diamond” shapes provide tractionKeeps dirt and debris from entering into the house

Fast-Flor Features:
Durable – molded high impact plastic
Secure – tiles have 6 locking tabs per side (cheaper brands only have 4)
Drainage – small perforations in each tile allow for water to drain through
Resistant – will not attract mold and mildew and resistant to most chemicals
Weather resistant – snow, ice, hot or cold climates
Fast – easy installation, takes hours, not daysVersatile – can be laid over uneven and irregular floor surfaces
Re-usable – tiles come apart easily and can be relocated to other areas

A note on shipping: We ship via UPS ground service to most areas in North America and tracking numbers are provided when orders are shipped. Please visit for more information or to complete our interactive floor pattern designer!

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