Fitness & Health Coach Tyler Sarry Toronto

Tyler Sarry Toronto
Posted on
26 December 2017
( 442 days ago )

I have been a top level fitness coach, model, lifestyle coach & mental health activist in Toronto for over 10 years.

It took unhealthy extremes competing in fitness competitions and modeling throughout my 20’s to strike the healthy balance I embrace today with my training and nutrition. Not only that but I strive for continuous self development and growing up with my own issues surrounding mental health has helped me find the correlation & extreme benefits that regular exercise and healthy eating can make not only on your body but your mind.

My passion now lies in sharing my experience in becoming the strongest version of yourself in every way. NOT only Physically -but- Mentally too because your Mindset & willingness to be your true authentic self sets the foundation upon everything you encounter. The benefits from regular exercise not only on your body but your mind are astounding and having a catalyst and one-on-one support from Tyler to help keep you accountable, consistent and driven towards your goals will be indispensable.

If you are SERIOUS and ready to change your whole outlook on how your mind & body work in conjunction with one another for long term health, longevity & vitality please connect with me.

Yours in Health, Wealth & Longevity

Tyler Sarry
Toronto Ontario